Care in Motion

The Small-Business Story

Shutdowns, social distancing, masking — last year’s global pandemic threatened to divide the country.

The 2021 Aflac Business Culture Survey revealed that despite societal tensions, one thing brought people together: support for small businesses. The bond actually grew between American business owners, their employees and their customers as they united to weather the adversity.
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Across the board, owners, customers and employees behaved more like members of a warm village.

  • 49% of patrons tipped or spent more to support their local businesses, even the 45% of those who saw a drop in personal income.
  • 62% of consumers were willing to spend more to support a local business.
  • 53% of small-business owners became more informed of their employees’ personal lives.
  • 82% of small businesses maintained or increased employee benefits.
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The “Small Town” Effect

Communities of all sizes rallied behind their small businesses amid a global pandemic.

No matter their region, background or ideology, Americans are remarkably united in support of one thing: small businesses.

Throughout the trials of 2020, the bonds between America’s small businesses and the communities they serve only grew stronger.
Survey Findings Infographic and Report

Animated Series: Small Businesses Brought Us Closer

Meet Chloe. Of Chloe’s Candy on Main Street.

Meet Amir. Owner of Coming Up Poses.

The 2021 Aflac Business Culture Survey examines how small-business owners adapted to meet the pandemic’s challenges and how their relationship with their customers, employees and communities changed. 

The result? Business owners, customers, and employees actually built community and a small-town culture of care spread across the U.S.

2021 Aflac Business Culture Survey

Use this interactive dashboard to take a deeper dive into the survey findings.
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The pandemic emphasized the value of employees, their loyalty and efforts to remain engaged and productive in difficult times, which included employee benefits. Even among the 45% of businesses with decreased profits, 82% of small-business owners either maintained or increased the level of employee benefits during the pandemic.

Small-Business Solutions

Aflac is a proud partner of small businesses across the globe, and we are proud to help employers provide a suite of benefits options that works best for their business and employees. As an industry leader in supplemental insurance, we’ve analyzed the full benefits picture and extended our portfolio through both career partnerships and new technology to help address employers’ biggest pain points.
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Which insurance policies you apply for is entirely up to your discretion. If you’re considering supplemental insurance, we recommend that you look at multiple plans that make sense for what you, your family and/or your employees need to help secure a stable financial future.

For instance, pneumonia typically requires a hospital visit followed by a few weeks of recovery at home. If you apply for both hospital and short-term disability insurance, you could receive cash benefits associated with both a covered hospital stay or a covered disability. .
Like any other type of insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and the cost of voluntary insurance is determined by a few different factors, including which state you live in and which insurance products you choose.

Our customers are amazed to find out how little they end up paying for coverage. For example, weekly rates of hospital insurance can be as low as a “Get Well Soon” card3 . Visit our Benefits Estimator to see rough costs associated with common medical events.
Not at all! You can offer Aflac Supplemental Insurance to your employees at no direct cost to your business.

As health care continues to rise, supplemental insurance plays a more important role in offering a benefits package. Many employers also believe offering a supplemental insurance option helps attract and retain employees.

See if your business meets the requirements to offer health care to your employees under the Affordable Care Act.
It’s simple! Fill out the necessary forms to the best of your ability. Afterwards, your medical provider may be required to fill in claim information before it is finally submitted via fax or mail. While your claim is being processed, you can log in and check your claim status on our website.

For our accident, cancer, hospital and critical illness products, you can walk through our SmartClaim® process and you could get your cash benefits fast. Other claims which require additional inputs from your doctor or hospital may take longer to process. Your cash is then sent out either as a check to your home address or as a direct deposit to your bank account.

Processing time is based on business days after all required documentation needed to render a decision is received and no further validation and/or research is required.
Aflac Supplemental Insurance pays you (unless assigned otherwise) cash after a covered claim has been successfully submitted and processed. That cash can then be spent however you see fit.

Whether you use it to help fill prescription drugs at the pharmacy or to help pay for gas on the way home from the doctor’s office is entirely up to you.

Individual Policies: Coverage underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. In New York, coverage underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of New York. Direct to Consumer individual coverage underwritten by Tier One Insurance Company.

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Aflac Group Policies: Continental American Insurance Company (CAIC), a proud member of the Aflac family of insurers, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aflac Incorporated and underwrites group coverage. CAIC is not licensed to solicit business in New York, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands. For groups sitused in California, group coverage is underwritten by Continental American Life Insurance Company. For groups sitused in New York, coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of New York.

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“Aflac” may include American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, American Family Life Assurance Company of New York, Continental American Insurance Company (marketed as “Aflac Group”), Tier One Insurance Company, and any other affiliated companies (collectively, “Aflac”), as applicable to the entity from whom you receive insurance services.

‡ "2020-2021 Aflac WorkForces Report".

In Arkansas, Riders CIRIDERAR, CIRIDERHAR. In Oklahoma, Riders CIRIDEROK, CIRIDERHOK. In New Jersey, Riders CIRIDERNJ and CIRIDERHNJ. In Oregon, Riders CIRIDEROR, CIRIDERHOR. In TX, Riders CIRIDERTX, CIRIDERHTX. The Aflac Plus Riders are not available for residents in Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania or Virginia.

Exp. 8/22
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